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About Amy Steindler

Amy Steindler's unique qualifications include 30 years of experience observing emotional intelligence at work in high performing corporate environments like investment powerhouse AllianceBernstein, media giant AOL-TimeWarner, international IT product distributor TechData, and banking technology leader Diebold. A Certified EQ-i Practioner and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, and Certified MBI Life Coach, Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William and Mary. She writes and speaks on topics related to personal growth, emotional intelligence, and personal and professional relationships.

Authentic Networking

I have attended many networking events over the years, but one stands out in my mind: a skin-crawling presentation--ironically on effective networking--during which the presenter quoted statistics on how many contacts it takes to be remembered by someone you’ve just met (5).  For two of the contact points, he suggested (1) taking a selfie with new acquaintances and then (2) texting it to the new contact the following day with a thank-you note.  To my horror, he asked me to help him demonstrate his technique for the audience. When he requested the selfie, it felt contrived and, frankly, icky—a violation [...]

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