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Want to Listen Like a Pro? Here’s How.

Today is "Free Listening Day," an event scheduled by Urban Confessional to be part of National Conversation Week.  I'll be holding up a "Free Listening" sign in downtown Annapolis to see what's on people's minds. For me, listening skills are critical both for my personal and professional life.  I look for every opportunity to develop my ability to listen--quietly, with an open heart and mind, and without my own agenda, judgment or interpretations creeping in. The first part is easy.  Close mouth, open heart. It's the "open mind" part that trips most of us up. We've been taught to listen [...]

Practical Emotional Intelligence: Mindful Interviewing

For interviewers and candidates, mindful interviewing can help accurately assess the quality of the fit Long before I began making my living as an emotional intelligence coach, I was a “headhunter.” I taught candidates how to ace an interview, and to prepare to meet the hiring managers (whom I was simultaneously teaching to dig beneath candidate résumés to uncover behaviors that were likely to repeat). Unfortunately, those techniques were more about increasing the likelihood that a candidate would be hired than about mindful and authentic matchmaking. I’ve come to realize that the process of interviewing is much more rewarding when [...]

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Authentic Networking

I have attended many networking events over the years, but one stands out in my mind: a skin-crawling presentation--ironically on effective networking--during which the presenter quoted statistics on how many contacts it takes to be remembered by someone you’ve just met (5).  For two of the contact points, he suggested (1) taking a selfie with new acquaintances and then (2) texting it to the new contact the following day with a thank-you note.  To my horror, he asked me to help him demonstrate his technique for the audience. When he requested the selfie, it felt contrived and, frankly, icky—a violation [...]

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