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EQ-i Assessment TestingEQ-i Assessment Testing: Measuring Opportunities

Pre-employment, post-hire, or for personal use

What if you could determine which emotional intelligence skills a candidate has mastered, and which skills haven’t been used enough to achieve mastery?

What if you were able to determine whether a candidate had the right balance of emotional intelligence skills to succeed in a given position?

What if you could see where imbalances in those skills sets are keeping them from excelling?

What if you could easily identify opportunities for development?

Get the information you need to hire, develop, and promote with the EQ-i2.0.

The EQ-i 2.0 Model

EQ Insight Coaching uses the internationally recognized EQ-i2.0 model and assessment test to answer these questions, framing emotional intelligence in terms of fifteen individual skills and five composite skill sets:

Self-Perception: self-regard, self-actualization, emotional self-awareness
Self-Expression: emotional expression, assertiveness, independence
Interpersonal: interpersonal relationships, empathy, social responsibility
Decision Making: problem solving, reality testing, impulse control
Stress Management: flexibility, stress tolerance, optimism

Note: The inclusion of the last two composites, decision-making and stress tolerance, differentiate the EQ-i2.0 model from the others I’ve investigated, making it much more useful in workplace environments.


The EQ-i2.0 assessment test is a Level B instrument, vetted by research, conforming to standards set by the American Psychological Association, and administered only by Certified EQ-i practitioners.

The test scores the participant on four levels:

  1. the fifteen individual emotional intelligence skills;
  2. the five composite skill sets;
  3. well-being and happiness;
  4. and overall emotional intelligence.

It also points to imbalances in skill sets that may amplify problematic behaviors, for instance, someone with low impulse control and high emotional expression might come off as a drama queen, while someone with high optimism and low reality testing may often find themselves getting in over their heads.

The beauty of the model is that it provides a vocabulary to describe behavior without judgment, positions the scores as a way of illustrating which skills are over- or under-utilized, and encourages assessment of both the benefits of practicing EQ skills in a balanced way, and the costs of not doing so. 

EQ-i Testing Fees

The test is administered online, and takes 15-20 minutes to complete.


  • Includes EQ-i2.0 self-assessment test and report. Test price includes a 75-minute EQ Insight Coaching session to review the 19-page report generated by MHS, the psychological testing service.

    *Pricing is for one individual.
    Pre-employment EQ assessment fee starts at $600 per candidate and includes additional services.


  • Includes group EQ-i report and half-day team debrief.

    *Pricing starts at $3,500 and depends on size of team.

EQ-360 Assessment Test

  • Includes self-assessment and peer/manager/friend/family feedback, plus debrief.

    *Pricing starts at $1,200.

Please note: these are representative fees and may vary based on the level of engagement, including other services provided by EQ Insight Coaching. Contact us for more information.