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EQ Insight Coaching: Get Access To Your Inner Wisdom.

EQ Insight Coaching is a coaching technique that combines proven mindfulness practices and an array of coaching tools that enable you to recognize and access your own innate wisdom, discover your own path to higher purpose, and remove the self-created obstacles to achieving a life of success, however you might define it.

This practice centers on developing emotional intelligence, which is a learnable set of skills that influences how accurately we perceive ourselves, how articulately we express ourselves, how well we develop and maintain relationships, and how adept we are at coping with challenges. Once we understand that our emotions are data, we can see them as useful information that helps us make decisions and understand ourselves and others in our world.

Emotional intelligence employed in the workplace:

  1. Increases organizational trust,
  2. Reduces “over-sharing,”
  3. Discourages drama,  
  4. Eliminates blame,
  5. Builds a culture of safety where ideas and people thrive, and
  6. Creates a corporate environment of sustainable high performance.

Industry-leading talent development specialists employ emotional intelligence training (the core of EQ Insight Coaching) as the foundation for ensuring the success of existing and upcoming development programs.

Whether you favor Myers-Briggs, VIA, StrengthsFinder, Collaborative Way or any other talent development program, an underpinning of emotional intelligence provides the framework and vocabulary to ensure maximum return from your training curriculum investments.

Download PDF: Mindfulness Emotional Intelligence: Raising the Corporate EQ

For more information on implementing emotional intelligence at work, download the pdf or contact us for more information on EQ-Insight Coaching, emotional intelligence training, and EQ-i Assessment testing.